Doug Drago, Children's Book AuthorDoug Drago has been writing children’s stories for 10 years now and has combined them with illustrations (that I might add were done by Dennis McElroy, Naomi Lake, and Richa Kinra), that were set to his hand sculpted and hand drawn original characters from clay, ink, and pencil. Eventually this led to producing children’s books.

As of late 2008, Doug has written a total of 5 books: The Adventures of Neanderthal Ned, Ned Goes Congo-Book Two, Megan’s Big Birthday, Magical Marissa, and the latest is, The Angel Who Had No Wings.

In all of these books the main character learns more about themselves and others than when they started. They seem to take on a simple adventure and in doing so gain a great deal of knowledge in how to deal with life.

The first book The Adventures of Neanderthal Ned, the question is: Is Ned the last of the Neanderthals? Can he find his long lost parents? Ned’s curiosity leads him to unknown lands, people, and creatures in his quest. Always learning new deeds as he goes, Ned never gives up.

The second book, Ned Goes Congo, which is a part two of the first book, Neanderthal Ned is drawn in by the legendary Queen Azurbea in a 4th dimensional Earth plane to help out in a time of need.

Megan’s Big Birthday is a jovial script that has a 6 year old who turns 7 finding out there is more to life than ice cream and cake.

Magical Marissa is a wonderful story that has an otherworldly theme. A seven year old girl born to astronomers on a distant planet, finds out there is life elsewhere by using her intuition! Marissa then comes across a twin-sister, Mystical Mystee, who writes back to her and play cosmic ball together.

The Angel Who Had No Wings is a learning story of an Angel who graduates from Heaven and decides to help the people of planet Earth. She learns to never give up even when rejected.Doug has interests in spiritual counseling and meditation. He teaches kids how to sculpt from their inner self. Photography, videography, abstract and landscape painting, along with whole food eating, round out his days.

With over 15 years experience in herbs and nutrition, Doug is presently taking classes to earn a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Herbologist license. He is available to prepare raw food and light cooked dishes that taste great and get your health in optimum shape!

His 10 years of working with movement exercises, such as Qigong and Tai Chi along with their healing properties has brought him to teach and share this vital information to others. Doug also teaches automatic writing, a form of writing that connects you to the Universal Self by using the non-dominant hand.

Mr. Drago also has an keen interest in gemology and collecting stones from his hikes around the country.

Contact Doug at or call 760 612 9429